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People, Places and Things we love and want to share with our Visitors and Readers. 

If you have Blog or Website you would like us to add to our P, P & T page. Email your request to

Fashion, Vintage Related and Events only.


Baubles, Accoutrements and Garb

A small town girl with a big love for pretty things. She adores Fashion and Beauty products. Loves crafts, DIY and all things Interior Design.

Visit her blog at


America Make Do

America Make Do is a Southwest Louisiana-based operation dedicated to the cause of ethical, green, economy-tripling, job-making production right here on American soil.

Founders Victoria Ellender and Cheryl Hartley, a mother-daughter team, believe in the solid foundation for American production that was established by the hard work of our ancestors. Our clothing is made 100% from American-made fabrics and upcycled materials.

Green living. Cottage industry. Ethical production. Beautiful fashions. We want these to romance Americans so much that the desire to have “closets full” will be replaced with passion to exclusively support native industry.


Today’s Vintage Magazine

Today’s Vintage is a monthly magazine about antiques, collectibles, art and decorating.

Their mission is to inform, educate and entertain readers, creating a lifestyle publication that melds the old with the new and shows how best to incorporate vintage into everyday life.
Visit Today’s Vintage at


The Secret Sisters

Click on Picture to Vist their Website.The Secret Sisters’ incredible story is as simple and true as the effortless harmonies that got them here. Begin anywhere – the thick and fertile brambles of their own family history (their grandfather and his brothers actually forged a group called ‘The Happy Valley Boys’) or light upon the branches of the wondrous, fractal menagerie that makes up their debut album (a guileless, rapturous mixture of roots-ified pop that includes classics like “Why Don’t Ya Love Me?” and “Why Baby Why”). The pure goldenrod from a pair of Alabama sisters direct from Muscle Shoals (barely twenty-somethings themselves) dare to cover the Sinatra untouchable “Something Stupid,” one minute, and deliver their own self-penned, soon-to-be signature anthem “Tennessee Me,” the next.


The Travellers

Whilst travelling, the duo met, sparking off a new adventure. The combination of cultural experiences, landscapes seen, as well as their love for the sixties’ & the seventies’ psychedelia, groove & rock, paved the way for a new discovery. This melting pot of inspiration yields a unique sound that cannot be confined to the limits of a box. “Gemma is a fascinating voice that recaptures the tone of those bygone years in her retro way”. The melodies juxtapose the soundscapes of guitars, always in search of uplifting vibrations.

Visit  the Band Page on facebook:

Click on Picture to Visit on Facebook

You can use this soundcould link to listen to their music:


This is a group we found on Facebook and would like to share with you.  UK   females performers.  Add vintage class and the glamour of the Golden era to your event with Elle & the Pocket Belles.

Elle & The Belles

The statuesque Elle and her stunning pint-sized Pocket Belles.

Soulful and sassy, this quintet simply sizzle on stage with their swinging take on contemporary hits, as well as delivering popular jazz and swing classics in their harmonious and cheeky style.

Where are they based?

Elle & The Pocket Belles are based in London and frequently play in central london but willing to travel all over for gigs.

Visit their website for more information and let them know Nelda sent you.

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  1. March 22, 2012 9:29 am

    Thank you for the feature! Your blog looks great!

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