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New Additions


New Additions to our online store.


to see our collection of

Vintage and Designer Fashion

Click on any picture below to see details about the item.  Visit our online store to see our affordable collection of vintage and designer fashion.

Wildflower 70s Vintage Tent Dress
70s Vintage
Tent Dress
Y Apparel Brown Velvet Mini Dress
Y Apparel
Mini Dress
Dolce Sweater Mini Dress
Mini Dress
Disco Queen Blue 70s Dress
Disco Queen
1970s Dress
Women Vintage 2 Piece Outfit
2 Piece Outfit
Lilli Diamond Pink Party Dress
Lilli Diamond
Pink Dress
John Paul Richard Acrylic Sweater
John Paul Richard
Acrylic Sweater
Han Mi Satin Asian Kimono Robe
Han Mi
Kimono Robe
Escada Black Designer Sweater
Designer Sweater
70s Black  Brocade Jacket
70s Vintage
Brocade Jacket
Translucent Hippie Vintage Top
Vintage Top
Daber 70s Vintage Disco Shirt
70s Vintage
Disco Shirt
Kaki Vintage 1960s Dress
1960s Dress
 New Paisley Print Snap Dress
Paisley Print
60s Sears Green Cotton Dress
60s Sears
Cotton Dress
Cotton Mexican Fiesta Dress
Fiesta Dress
60s Vintage Dress and Jacket
Dress & Jacket
Coogi Sexy White Low Neckline Dress
Sexy Dress
Talbots Black Terrycloth Dress
Terrycloth Dress
 Atomic Print Vintage 1960s Dress
Atomic Print
60s Dress
Halston Vintage 1980s Outfit
80s Outfit
Pink 1960s Vintage Dress
Pink 60s
Vintage Dress
Mod 60s Black Vintage Dress
Mod 60s
Vintage Dress
Yellow 60s Vintage Party Dress
1960s Vintage
Party Dress
Stacy Ames Vintage 1960s Dress
Stacy Ames
60s Dress
Mode de France Vintage 1960s Dress
1960s Dress
Vintage 1960s Green Satin Dress
Satin Dress
 Designer 80s Ferre Italian Blouse
Italian Blouse
Anne Klein 80s Vintage Top
Anne Klein
80s Top
Black Vintage Top Rhinestones
Black Top
Bermans Vintage Black Suede Dress
Bermans Suede
1980s Dress
1970s Vintage Shawl Wrap
70s Vintage
Green Cotton Garnet Hill Dress
Garnet Hill
Summer Dress
Baby Blue 70s Vintage Dress
Baby Blue
Vintage Dress
Tribute Black 1960s Dress
1960s Dress
Cute Vintage 60s Mod Dress
Vintage 1960s
Mod Dress
Charter Club Cardigan Sweater
Charter Club
Norma Kamali Leopard Print Blouse
Norma Kamali
Nanette Lepore Silk Designer Top
Nanette Lepore
Silk Top

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