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A Happy Online Clothing Shopper

November 23, 2011

During our team meeting this morning I shared a email we received from one of our online Customers:


Dear Nelda and Company,

“Just wanted to send you a quick email about my most recent order.  The 50s dress is a perfect fit, the handbags are just what I need for my collection and the other items I bought for my sister are super nice.  Thank you.”

“Also, I wanted to mention how happy I am with all of items I’ve bought at your online store.  Nelda’s is my favorite store for vintage and modern clothing.  Next week I need start my holiday shopping at Nelda’s”.



One of many valuable lessons we have learned since we started our online business, 11 years ago, is how important it is to listen to our Customers.  Several times a week we receive emails from our valued Customers about items they have bought and about their shopping experience.

All of us here at Nelda’s know for us to remain a industry leader in the vintage clothing business  we need to:

Continuously look for ways to enhance our visitor’s shopping experience

Do what we do well and strive to do it even better

Never settle for second best when it comes to Customer Service. 

Provide quality products at affordable prices.

We rely on feedback from our Customers, and opinions and suggestions we receive from our Visitors and Shoppers.

We would love to hear from you. Send us some comments, suggestions and feedback about our website. Go to Nelda’s Customer Survey Page.

Give us your Feedback and we give you $10.00
Click Here for Details
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