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Fun, Fashionable & Affordable Selections

August 10, 2011

See how much money you can safe when you shop at Nelda’s.  New vintage & designer clothing,  accessories and more added to our online store every week.  These are some of our latest additions.

Click on pictures fort details.

Rebecca Stuart
Vintage Dress

Vintage 70s
Maxi Dress

50s Style

Western Top

Vintage 60s
Black Top

Vintage Blouse

Cotton Jacket

Vintage 80s
Tunic Top

1980s Vintage
Sequins Jacket

Amethyst Stone

Vintage Escada
Designer Jacket

Amethyst Stone
Stick Pin

Store Display


Max and Cleo
Silk Dress

Vintage Clothing
80s Dress

Charles Alan
80s Dress

Vintage Escada
Designer Suit

Owl Necklace

70s Vintage
Disco Dress

Vintage 70s
Pink Blouse

Linda Lue
1960s Top

Paisley Print
Vintage Top

Cable Knit
Vintage Sweater

Vintage Sharif
80s Purse

Blue Suede
Modern Jacket

Vintage Compact

Maine Woods

Ankle Boots

Art deco
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