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Why such a large selection of Vintage Clothing?

June 15, 2011

We have been asked this question a few times.  And, why not sell clothes from only one specific era? Answer……our Customers want variety, and we deliver.  Our selection is as unique as our Customers.

Who wants to visit a site that only sells one style, from one fashion era or a site who doesn’t have prices to fit everyone’s budget?

For over a decade our online store has become one of the most popular places to shop for unique vintage.  Our Visitors and Customers never know what they will find.  What they do know when they visit us is we have great prices, new items every week and a selection they can’t find anywhere else.

See some of the wonderful vintage clothing we offer our valued Customers by clicking on a department below.

1940s Dresses
1950s Dresses
1960s Dresses
1970s Dresses
1980s Dresses
50s Blouses
60s Blouses
70s Blouses
80s Blouses
Ethnic Blouses & Dresses
Jackets & Blazers
Lingerie & Swimsuits
Outfits & Suits
Vintage Coats
Vintage Pants
Vintage Skirts
Vintage Sweaters
Vintage Vests
Wraps & Shawls
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