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It’s a Wonderful Life at Nelda’s Vintage Clothing

June 3, 2011

Everyday is a wonderful adventure for Nelda and her team members.  Never dull, always exciting and we never  know what to expect.

The following is a example of what day is like for us here at Nelda’s.

The day always starts out  with a short meeting (including coffee or tea with a snack) to discuss who is doing what, why and when.  A short review of previous day.

Mornings :

Packages are loaded, off to the Post Office our driver goes.

Emails and messages. Depending on how many , two of more of us take care of replies.  Everyone answered calls.

Orders are filled,  processed and packed.  Ready to go for tomorrow’s mail. All of us help with this.

New items are sorted, priced , pictured and descriptions are written.   Team project.

Promoting and Marketing throughout  the morning as time allows.

Morning goes fast, time for lunch.  Fridays are bring a dish day for all……team lunch  is a little longer than other days . We eat, we laugh and talk about our morning.


Buying appointments start.  Pick and choose …sort and haggle about  prices.  Buying trips never on Fridays,  but if someone calls, never say never.

More descriptions to write, orders to fill, emails to answer and marketing.

Wholesale orders filled, packed and ready for next day shipping.

New items are added to website when time allows.

Final email replies. Work day comes to a end around 6:00 pm for most of us.

It’s a Wonderful Life at Nelda‘s Vintage Clothing

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